5 things you didn’t know about ElevATP®

Are you tired of feeling sluggish and low on energy? Low energy levels are something we all encounter from time to time, and can have a far-reaching impact on your physical and mental wellbeing. Luckily, ElevATP® has been proven to reduce fatigue and increase power and strength, and it won Ingredient of the Year in the Sports Nutrition Category for the 2018 NutraIngredients-USA Awards. This unique natural complex of 70+ trace minerals is derived from ancient peat and apple extract and is clinically proven to support better energy production and athletic performance. Along with BioPQQ® and vitAlign™, it’s one of the key ingredients in our proprietary blend. Here are five things you didn't know about ElevATP®:

1) ElevATP® Increases Energy Production

    ElevATP® can increase ATP production, the main source of energy for the body, leading to increased energy and better overall performance. By enhancing energy production, ElevATP® can help you power through your workouts, improve focus and concentration, and reduce fatigue throughout the day.

    2) ElevATP® Improves Athletic Performance

      ElevATP® has been shown to improve athletic performance, with one study showing a significant increase in muscle power and endurance in athletes taking ElevATP®. By boosting energy levels, ElevATP® can help athletes push harder and achieve better results.

      3) ElevATP® Enhances Muscle Recovery

          ElevATP® can enhance muscle recovery after intense exercise, reducing muscle damage and soreness. This allows athletes to recover more quickly and get back to their workouts with less downtime. Even if you're not an athlete, ElevATP® can still benefit your overall fitness routine.

          4) ElevATP® Boosts Cognitive Function

              ElevATP® can also boost cognitive function, enhancing focus, memory, and mental clarity. This can help you stay sharp and focused throughout the day, whether you’re working in the office or at the gym. With ElevATP®, you can feel more productive and efficient in everything you do.

              5) ElevATP® is approved as a Natural Health Product by Health Canada

                  ElevATP® is non-GMO and was approved as a Natural Health Product by Health Canada. This means you can be sure that it’s safe, effective, and of high quality. 

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