vitAlign™: The powerhouse Nitric Oxide booster

Looking to optimize your health and wellness? Look no further than vitAlign™, a powerful ingredient found in APEX Mind & Body. Formerly known as S7, This unique ingredient, derived from a specific strain of wheat germ, is packed with essential nutrients that can support better cognitive function, mood, and overall wellness.

It was a 2019 winner at the Food Matters LIVE Awards, taking home Best New Ingredient of the Year, as well as winning an award at the 2019 NIE Awards. Along with BioPQQ® and ElevATP® it makes up our powerful proprietary blend. Here are the main benefits of vitAlign™:

  • Boosts Nitric Oxide production:
    Our bodies produce nitric oxide naturally, although this ability declines with age. NO acts as a vasodilator, signaling the blood vessels to relax, thus increasing blood flow. Increased blood flow results in more oxygen, fuel and other key nutrients getting to the cells and muscles, improving performance and wellbeing. vitAlign™ has been clinically proven to boost NO production by 230%
  • Plant-based ingredients:
    vitAlign™ is a blend of seven plant-based ingredients - green coffee bean extract, green tea extract, colorless turmeric extract, tart cherry, blueberry, broccoli and kale. This blend has been clinically proven to ignite your body’s own NO system, providing a range of benefits from physical performance to healthy ageing, cellular communication and blood flow.
  • Small dose, BIG power boost:
    Our proprietary blend of BioPQQ®, ElevATP® and vitAlign™ work together to provide maximum benefit with minimum extra fluff. Historically, energy and endurance supplements have used large doses of their ingredients, much of which isn’t absorbed by the body and goes to waste. With GOEXEC you get what you pay for - clinically proven results with exactly the dosages needed and nothing else.
If you're looking to experience these incredible health benefits, APEX Mind & Body is the perfect solution. By taking APEX Mind & Body daily, you can support better cognitive function, mood, and overall wellness, while also promoting better immune function, skin health, and cardiovascular health. Don't wait – start taking APEX Mind & Body today and experience the clinically proven benefits of vitAlign™.